The World of RTV

Rose Tech Ventures is the hub of several companies and organizations, all of which are dedicated to creating value through encouraging and supporting entrepreneurship. Depending on what you are involved with, and what value you think we may be able to provide, we invite you to reach out directly to the appropriate organization:


Gust provides the global platform for the sourcing and management of early-stage investments. Gust enables skilled entrepreneurs to collaborate with the smartest investors by virtually supporting all aspects of the investment relationship, from initial pitch to successful exit. Gust is endorsed by the world’s leading business angel and venture capital associations, and powers over 750 investment organizations in 65 countries. More than 125,000 start-ups have already used the platform to connect and collaborate with over 35,000 individual accredited investors. The company was founded in 2004 under the name Angelsoft and is privately held. Gust is based in New York, New York, with a development center in Vancouver, British Columbia, and European office in Paris, France.

 New York Angels

uploaded-file-16556New York Angels is the leading angel investment group in New York, and one of the most active in the country. Our 75 members include all of the most active angel investors profiled in Crain’s recent article on New York early stage investing, as well as half a dozen venture funds who focus on early stage deals. Our members have invested over $45 million during the past six years in deals that have presented to our group, and this is the right place to come if you have started a company, reached some significant milestones and need growth capital, but are not quite ready for a traditional venture capital investment. To put things in perspective, New York Angels typically invests between $250,000 and $750,000 as part of round (which we often lead) which might total as much as $1 million. Companies in which we invest will typically have an experienced entrepreneur at the helm, a relatively complete product and management team, at least some revenue, and a ‘pre-money’ valuation under $4 million. If this sounds like you, then we encourage you to visit the New York Angels web site at, where you can learn more about the group and submit your business plan for consideration.

Egret Capital Partners

uploaded-file-47343Egret Capital Partners is a specialized private equity firm with a focus on companies in the fields of manufacturing and business services. We look for businesses that are based in North America (not just New York), with revenues between $15 and $50 million, free cash flow less than $5 million and recurring revenue from an established customer base. Egret invests in companies in which we can acquire a control position, but ones in which the core management team is in place and is interested in either retaining significant equity involvement with the company (in the case of owner-operators) or acquiring such an interest. If you are an entrepreneur who fits this profile, we strongly encourage you to visit the Egret web site at, where you can find out more about our team and the types of opportunities we are seeking.


The Pitch Coach

uploaded-file-14285David’s presentation skills training sessions for entrepreneurs looking for angel or venture capital, are offered by David on a pro bono basis for companies presenting to New York Angels. Over the past decade they have developed a reputation as the financial industry’s “best presentation training that money can’t buy”, and have been profiled in BusinessWeek SmallBiz, Presentations magazine, and many other publications. Learn more about them at The Pitch Coach.

Five Roses Press

uploaded-file-43515Hey, what would a 21st century, super-high-tech, vanguard of Silicon Alley be without a…nineteenth century hand print shop?! Yup, right on our premises, we’ve got one of the last surviving letterpress shops in New York, with half a dozen printing presses, tons of metal and wood type, and one of the country’s great libraries of arcane printing manuals. What else would you expect from the home of Google’s #1 ranked site on letterpress printing?

Keynote Speakers

David S. Rose’s keynote speaking appearances on the subjects of advancing technology, presentation skills, early stage investing and entrepreneurship are arranged through his exclusive agent, Keynote Speakers of Mountain View, CA. To arrange for David to speak to your organization, please send an email to Keynote Speakers for more information.

Ad infinitum…

uploaded-file-04161If you would like to contact Rose Tech Ventures LLC, or David S. Rose, on a subject not listed above, please send an email to Galina Khorkova at