Ambient Devices

Ambient Devices provides a complete solution to offer wireless products to consumers that make tangible interfaces to digital information. Today, this solution includes: the Ambient Information Network™-a back-end service delivery infrastructure and wireless network; and the Ambient Device Design™-a set of hardware specifications to turn everyday objects (like pens, watches, and clocks) into glanceable wireless information devices, customized and branded by product companies.
Using patented processes developed at Ambient and MIT Media Lab, the Ambient platform aggregates, scrubs, packetizes, transmits, and decodes data. Our standards allow development of technology that no longer feels like technology. This “polite technology” requires no computer or technical infrastructure to operate, allowing the technology to be transparent.
By implementing the Ambient platform, wireless technology becomes as easy to use as a clock. When technology becomes transparent the opportunities for implementation expand to many customers and situations where technology is not typically found. Like clocks, ambient displays can be embedded in everyday objects to provide glanceable access to the information customers care about most.


BioScale provides instruments and consumable, multiplexed biochips for nano-scale detection of cells and proteins. These ultra-sensitive biosensors are capable of measuring cells or proteins in small numbers and low concentrations. BioScale makes some of the world’s most sensitive scales for very small biological measurements. Among the markets for the company’s products are food production, biodefense and medical diagnostics.

Catalist LLC

Catalist, a data services company based in Washington, DC, serving the progressive community. It maintains and constantly updates a complete national database of over 265 million persons in the U.S. representing 358 TB of data and provides a high volume matching service operating at over 1 billion matches per month. Catalist brings easy to use web based tools and a high quality voter database of all voting-age individuals in the United States to progressive, not-for-profit organizations, advocacy groups and campaigns.

Challenge Post

ChallengePost, the official online “challenge platform” of the United States government, enables people and organizations to challenge the public to solve problems and accomplish goals collectively. A challenge can increase awareness, foster participation, and generate innovation.

Chromis Fiberoptics Our strength is the design and manufacturing of high performance polymer optical fibers. Our core technology is a versatile, low cost method for extrusion manufacturing of graded-index polymer fibers directly from bulk raw materials. This technology not only allows us to save labor and increase flexibility by avoiding preform-based manufacturing, it also greatly increases productivity in comparison to conventional GI-POF manufacturing methods. In addition to our platform manufacturing technology, our team has extensive experience in measurement and characterization of high-performance POF. Our researchers have been responsible for several seminal publications elucidating the fundamental mechanisms that govern optical polymers material properties and performance of graded-index POF.


CircleUp is a free social communications service that turbo-charges email and instant messaging when communicating with online and offline communities of any size. CircleUp is not another website, but a service that extends email and IM from your desktop to make group communications much more efficient. Today when you ask a question of online and offline communities you get back 5, 50 or 500 emails and instant messages that must be opened, sorted, cut, pasted and pulled together before the results are useful. People who communicate on a regular basis with groups know the frustrations of getting multiple responses, trying to find them when they need to, annoying “reply to all” syndrome cluttering their inbox, and not getting answers back in a format that’s consistent or useful. The larger the group and the more numerous the communications, the bigger the problem.

Comixology Since 2007 comiXology has been developing the technological infrastructure to bring comics into the digital mainstream and expose new audiences to the rich history and culture of the industry. Through partnerships with top comic book publishers (Marvel, DC and 35+ independent publishers), their own mobile and web apps, hosting over 4000 digital titles, comiXology has become a leader in comic book proliferation. Also focused on creating strong ties with retail stores through its technology solutions, comiXology continues to transform the previously fragmented comic ecosystem into a vibrant and cohesive marketplace.

Crimson Hexagon

Crimson Hexagon — founded in 2007 and based in Cambridge, Massachusetts — is the leading provider of social media monitoring and analysis to global brands, agencies, media firms and their partners. By leveraging the Crimson Hexagon ForSight™ platform, customers can easily uncover consumer opinions and insights about their company, products, industry, competitors and more. They can then use that information to make meaningful business decisions. Powered by patent-pending technology developed at Harvard University’s Institute for Quantitative Social Science, the Crimson Hexagon ForSight platform overcomes the limits of traditional market research by delivering an immediate view of how engaged online consumers truly think and feel about a brand or issue.

Concierge Choice

Concierge Choice is a healthcare service company assisting physicians throughout the United States transitioning in their practices to Concierge Care. Patients joining a doctor’s CCP program pay an annual membership fee to receive a comprehensive screening physical performed by their physician that goes beyond the scope of most regular physicals. The revenue from this program allows the doctor to gradually reduce his or her practice size and increase the time spent with participants in the program.

Critical Mention

Critical Mention is a leading provider of real-time, web-based TV search and broadcast monitoring services that help companies track their brand mentions on TV and gain mission-critical intelligence. Utilizing its proprietary technology to turn TV into a searchable business-intelligence resource, the Company’s TV Search platform, CriticalTV™, allows customers to be instantly alerted when their keywords or brands are mentioned on TV, view video clips and text within seconds of airing, as well as perform archival searches. Critical Mention presently serves hundreds of clients in the corporate communications, financial services, professional services, non-profit, and government sectors including many Fortune 500 companies.


Domdex collects user search data from premium sources to allow publishers to target advertisements to consumers more specifically using this information on their site. The combination of Domdex’s industry leading privacy technology, universal third-party ad integration, integrations with top-twenty-five publishers and the data providers’ high new-user and conversion rates allows any publisher to target ads more precisely. Having collected over 180 million user profiles in its early pilot test, Domdex finally brings search ad revenue beyond the search engine.


eJamming, Inc connects the world’s musicians to each other and their fans over the Internet via streaming audio and digital (MIDI) music data in real time and in synchrony due to the company’s patented technology so they can create, collaborate, write, record, teach and learn together for professional and business purposes, as well as to jam together for relaxation and to broadcast live performances

Email Data Source

Email Data Source is the only independent, unbiased provider of push marketing data. We collect, analyze, catalogue, and archive thousands of daily email marketing messages, and provide clients with actionable intelligence they need to increase ROI on their email programs. Our more than 70 clients—small, medium, and large businesses alike—represent every part of the email industry, from advertising agencies and direct marketers, to email service providers and affiliate managers.
Headquartered in New York City, USA, Email Data Source was incorporated in 2005 and has a database of more than 4,500,000 emails dating back to 2003.


FASTTAC, is the developer of the FAST Document Control and Mobility System (DCMS) which provides a cutting edge solution for construction drawing and document sharing, annotation and communication. FAST DCMS synchronizes information among a project’s team to support capturing, managing, and sharing information, emails and faxes, ultimately improving productivity, cutting costs and reducing document confusion and its intrinsic related risk. FAST DCMS is currently being used by contractors and building teams on projects from coast to coast in the United States.


GridPlex’s internet-based solutions enable utilities and their customers to save energy, improve efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. GridPlex supplies unique “energy-smart” products, solutions and services to the exploding market for energy conservation. The Company’s mission is to improve reliability and efficiency in the delivery and use of electricity and other critical resources, to benefit utilities, end-users and the environment. GridPlex operates through two subsidiaries: Broadband Energy Networks (hardware/software technology) and Grid-Smart (network ASP services). GridPlex provides an integrated platform of products and services that directly empower the energy customer through delivery of real-time information, automation, and conservation capabilities, all under customer control. The company’s simple, intuitive web-based Energy Portal and Applications provide information to the customer to enable conservation, and to the utility to more efficiently and reliably manage operation of the electric grid.


Gust provides the global platform for the sourcing and management of early-stage investments. Gust enables skilled entrepreneurs to collaborate with the smartest investors by virtually supporting all aspects of the investment relationship, from initial pitch to successful exit. Gust is endorsed by the world’s leading business angel and venture capital associations, and powers over 750 investment organizations in 65 countries. More than 125,000 start-ups have already used the platform to connect and collaborate with over 35,000 individual accredited investors. The company was founded in 2004 under the name Angelsoft and is privately held. Gust is based in New York, New York, with a development center in Vancouver, British Columbia, and European office in Paris, France.


iGuitar is the first guitar to offer on-board, Class Compliant USB audio to streamline the guitar to computer connection eliminating the need for an external audio interface.

Inn Road

innRoad is the first technology company to address the needs of independent hoteliers for an efficient, affordable solution that seamlessly integrates bookings, global distribution, property management and marketing all on a single, easy-to-use platform. Building on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery, low-cost subscription pricing and knowledgeable customer support, the company is revolutionizing the way hotel owner and operators manage their properties over the Internet – and helping them increase profits.


Instinctiv is a company dedicated to changing the way that consumers experience their entertainment. With groundbreaking, consumer-validated products such as Instinctiv Shuffle, and Additune, Instinctiv Media Labs, its business development division, arms content developers and product manufactures with a suite of applications that help to drive consumer acquisition, retention, and growth.


Kidzui is the safe way for kids to use, explore and enjoy the best of the internet. We’re not a robotic internet filter. Our team of experts has scoured the web to find the best and safest online sites for children to explore. We’ve personally reviewed tens of thousands of child-safe web pages, videos, and pictures, and organized them for easy access by your child. And our exclusive WebLockTM technology makes sure that they can’t go to places on the web that isn’t safe for them. If it’s not approved by Kidzui, they won’t see it!


KoolSpan provides Security, Authentication and Remote Access in a single package without servers. The company’s patent-pending Smart Card-based system has simplified complex network security issues using a Lock and Key approach. KoolSpan’s SecurEdge allows enterprises to build secure wired or wireless networks with incredible ease, interoperability and an unmatched low total cost of operation. With the KoolSpan system in place, companies negate the chance for security breaches and bottlenecks by automatically authenticating the user and not the computer. There is no costly infrastructure to manage, no back-end servers and authentication is done at the edge of network, where implementation and security are most effective. Smart Card VPN remote access is possible from nearly any point on the network.

LearnVest is the leading personal finance and lifestyle website for women. Since its debut as a TechCrunch50 Company in September 2009, LearnVest has helped over one million women gain control of their finances. LearnVest provides trusted content, tools, and support to help women tackle their finances at each stage of life. LearnVest tools include: financial Bootcamp Programs, the LearnVest My Money Center, and premium support services such as “Ask an Expert” and LearnVest Coursework. LearnVest educates subscribers via the “LearnVest Daily,” a bite-size email guide of money and lifestyle tips for living on a budget.

LinkStorm The power of Linkstorm is to link and deliver customized data to any user, anywhere, in a fraction of a second - increasing discoverability and conversion. Today, advertisers who need its ability to accelerate customer engagement, increase online conversions, and to improve reporting of online results and behaviors are discovering Linkstorm. LinkStorm is a Registration Agency and Internet services firm dedicated exclusively to implementing and promoting the use of the Digital Object Identifier (DOI). The DOI provides a unique, permanent link between any type of digital information-including text, music, photos, video, software and databases-and the web site of the creators who own that information. Content Directions helps companies tag their content with DOIs, issues publisher prefixes and registers DOIs and their associated metadata. The company also co-develops applications that support tracking, distribution, copyright protection and e-commerce functions.


LiveLOOK is a web-based, instant screen sharing and live help co browsing service designed to make online interactions easy. LiveLOOK is one of the few cross-platform screen sharing and live help co browsing tools on the market, allowing subscribers to host or join online meetings from PCs, Macs or Linux. Companies around the world use LiveLOOK for product demos, online conferences, webinars, creative presentations, online training, live help remote support and on-demand application and screen sharing.


Luxology is an independent technology group consisting of many of the most notable brains in the field of 3D animation and special FX. The company’s flagship product is modo, one of the most advanced polygonal and subdivision surface modeling tools ever created. modo was engineered to meet the challenges of the increasing demands of film, gaming, television, print and many other markets. It combines a highly advanced real-time subdivision surface engine, fast, flexible and extensible modeling tools, and a flexible innovative user interface.

Magnify Networks

Magnify is a video tech platform that is a tech-enabled ad network. The Magnify platform allows customers to add a configurable suite of User Generated Video (UGV) related applications to their site. leverages integrated standard IAB ad units into its platform in order to sell to online ad market demand in place today. We also offer “pro” and “enterprise” offerings on a fee for service basis. Over 30,000 publishers have adopted in last12 months.
Magnify provides a platform for enabling custom video sites that also allow publishers to solicit, review, serve, and syndicate video (user and prosumer alike) and integrate those pages into their website. This turnkey system provides all the connective tissue for publishers to easily integrate video - upload, transcoding, storage, streaming, and advertising - into their existing communities. Free, Pro, and Enterprise versions are available.


Mashery is the leading provider of web services and API management solutions enabling software-driven companies to unlock and accelerate their web services channel. With its on-demand, fully hosted solution, Mashery takes away the cumbersome process and plumbing around managing web services. Mashery provides all the ingredients required to get web services up-and-running quickly, easily and successfully while ensuring that they will scale: usage/access management, tracking, metrics, commerce, performance optimization and developer/community tools all come pre-packaged. Mashery enables web services providers to focus their time, resources and capital on building their core software, not on creating web services management infrastructure.


MediaTile is the world’s first provider of cellular digital signage solutions. The company delivers on-demand, web-based software and services for media management, media delivery and display control over cellular networks. The MediaTile solution eliminates the primary barrier for retailers and brands deploying digital signage: costly and complex on-site IT infrastructure. With MediaTile, more companies can now use networked digital signs in more places to directly influence customer purchase decisions. MediaTile delivers a plug-and-play digital signage solution for brands, retailers and narrowcasters that saves millions of dollars in installation, maintenance and support.

Metaphor Solutions

Metaphor Solutions provides integrated voice recognition in both mobile phone applications for consumers and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) on-demand for small-to-medium businesses. In the mobile phone market, voice-recognition enables much faster and easier input of names, words and addresses than typing. The Company aims to be a leader in voice-recognition mobile applications through its own consumer apps in many languages and through enabling other businesses to add voice recognition for their mobile apps and voice control. In the IVR market, the Company provides “Plug & Play” IVR solutions delivered by Software as a Service on the Web. These solutions significantly reduce the cost, complexity and time-to-market of automated customer service by phone for small-to-medium businesses, which historically have not been served.


Monetate is the leading independent provider of testing, targeting, and personalization services for websites. Top consumer destinations on the web like QVC and Urban Outfitters use Monetate every day to make the most of their online marketing dollars and website investments. Monetate does this by helping marketers test and target product pitches and site features. Successful tests can be converted instantly into targeted and personalized messaging and promotional campaigns, anywhere on the website, with no additional coding.

Nimbit Nimbit provides online marketing, distribution and management tools to the rapidly growing market of independent musical artists that are prospering from the new opportunities that exist within the music industry. Armed by technology and consumer choice, artists are by-passing old models and building viable business directly with fans, generating over $15B annually without a major label. Nimbit is helping more artists do this more effectively. Nimbit offers an integrated ASP solution that enables recording artists to sell, promote and manage their entire catalog of musical product, as well as build their customer list and brand. The system is designed to help artists manage their business more efficiently and make more money than by doing it themselves or piecemeal through other services. Artists handle online sales, email marketing and web management from a single online account.


Panjiva’s mission is to make it easier for companies of all sizes to do business across borders. As a first step, we are helping apparel companies identify which overseas suppliers they can trust. Our approach to this task is unique: we leverage a wide variety of quality data sources to rate apparel suppliers around the globe. Behind each Panjiva Rating is a detailed scorecard that evaluates suppliers along key dimensions. By comparing supplier scorecards, our subscribers can determine which suppliers are right for them.
Founded in 2006, Panjiva is based in New York City’s Fashion District. Panjiva is led by five entrepreneurs—Josh Green, James Psota, Ricci Wolman, Zhuowei Lei, and Noah Daniels—who bring together knowledge and contacts from the worlds of fashion, technology, and global trade.

Performline, Inc.

PerformLine is an online performance marketing company focused on providing advertisers with the highest quality leads through lead generation and cost-per-acquisition (CPA) marketing. Our refined lead management processes, combined with our proprietary technologies, enable us to deliver the highest quality leads with scalable volume. PerformLine generates both consumer requests for more information, as well as completed conversions for advertising partners. Our pay-for-performance model is virtually risk-free for advertisers, as they only pay for completed transactions. We leverage search engine marketing and media buying technologies, combined with landing page optimization expertise, to convert traffic into the highest quality leads in a variety of verticals.


Pond5 is the world’s first web-based stock footage marketplace -– a revolutionary new way to buy and sell stock footage on the web. It’s a place for video, film and television producers to find great, downloadable, royalty-free footage for use in their productions, and to license their own work for use by others. It’s also a place to connect, collaborate and create for a global community of moving image artists.

Por ti, Familia

Por ti, Familia, in Lima, Peru (Rose Tech Venture’s first portfolio investment outside North America) is establishing retail storefronts that offer the combined services of a convenience store, a pharmacy and doctor’s office in the same location. Por ti, Familia will benefit from the cross-selling of pharmaceutical products and health care services while providing its customers with integrated primary care solutions. By offering primary care at retail locations that can reach the Peru’s uninsured population, the company will capture the out-of-pocket healthcare spending of the urban uninsured segment, comprising over 68% of the local population.


Rocket Racing League

Rocket Racing, Inc. is an aerospace entertainment company. The Rocket Racing League®, owned and run by Rocket Racing, Inc., is a governing body which was established to host rocket-powered airplane and spaceship racing events that combine speed, technology, heroes and competition. This company draws from and builds on key elements from other successful business models such as IRL, Champ Car World Series, Formula One, and NASCAR.
The Rocket Racing League® is launching an entirely new breed of rocket-powered airborne race vehicles that lift spectator perceptions of excitement, awe, thrill and danger to entirely new levels. It is also focused on stimulating rapid world advances in safe, low-cost, reliable transportation to and from space. The time is upon us when the technology to create such advanced vehicle designs is within reach.
The Rocket Racing League® and its strategic partners are leveraging the success of the Ansari X PRIZE competition, the victory of Burt Rutan’s SpaceshipOne vehicle and the purse payout of $10 million to Inc. to inspire a new wave of innovation to come forth as rapidly as possible.
Rocket Racing is founded and chaired by aerospace entrepreneurial visionary and X PRIZE founder Peter H. Diamandis, M.D. and presided over by entrepreneur, venture capitalist and two-time Indy 500 team winner, Granger B. Whitelaw.

School Loop, LLC

School Loop is a Burlingame, CA-based corporation, founded in 2004 after a year-long trial-run. School Loop save teachers time so they can what they do best: Teach. We save time by putting teachers into the loop with the other adults in the school system who care and can help a student succeed — Parents, counselors, administration, tutors, caseworkers, etc. When people are in the loop, kids don’t fall through the cracks.

Senscient, Inc.

Senscient, Ltd. was founded in January 2004 by Mr. Lee Richman, to develop, manufacture and market advanced gas detection products for industrial safety, environmental monitoring and process control / analysis applications. The technology developed by Senscient to meet the demands of these applications is “Enhanced Laser Diode Spectroscopy”, a truly revolutionary gas detection and measurement technology.


SetJam was founded in June 2009, with the goal of making online TV easy. The company’s Data Integrity Engine has set a new standard for online TV and movie listings, and its innovative data products have radically simplified the integration process. SetJam is headquartered in New York City with development offices in Warsaw, Poland.


Socialbomb is a social games development company that creates mobile games leveraging users’ participation in online social networks, drawing connections between those systems and their real-life relationships. The social networks we all navigate daily, on-line and off, are full of data about who’s doing what, with whom, and where. SocialBomb thinks that it’s about time we move on from pointless online poking and wall-writing and start making meaningful games that spill out from our computers and get us out into the streets.

Space Adventures/Zero-G

Space Adventures is the world’s premier private space exploration company and the only company currently providing opportunities for actual private spaceflight and space tourism today. Using proven equipment and working side-by-side with professional astronauts and cosmonauts, they are the first and only space exploration company to send private clients to space, their clients having cumulatively spent nearly a thousand hours aboard the International Space Station.


TalkShoe is a service that enables anyone to easily create, join, or listen to Live Interactive Discussions, Conversations, Podcasts and Audioblogs. These hosted Community Calls can be discussions, conversations, talk shows and podcasts. Recorded Community Calls can be listened to, downloaded, or subscribed to. And if your Community Call becomes popular, you can make money too. We provide the complete answer including live interactive software, conferencing, ShoePhone, chat room, player, widgets, storage, bandwidth, ads, directory listing, and technical support, all for Free.


Trazzler provides travel recommendations within reasonable driving distance, fostering investment in local economies and encouraging more frequent, shorter trips. As you explore Trazzler, your interaction with the site is fed into an algorithm that creates travel suggestions tailored to your Travel Personality and location. Writing contests are an important component of Trazzler’s community and content strategy.


Viddler is a video site that allows users to upload, enhance and share their video from their browser. The site charges premium fees to users who want to use upgraded features, and also allows users to upload in bulk, add deep tags at specific times during videos and record directly from their webcam.

Say Media

SayMedia offers a comprehensive solution—technology, content, and monetization—that will make your community video-ready quickly and easily. Both flexible and robust, the SayMedia media platform will meet the needs of your community. Everyday we deliver millions of impressions to users across leading social networking environments, video sites and gaming applications. We develop rich user profiles that enable advertisers to start with the right audience. Our unique video advertising formats and targeting approach deliver higher engagement rates for brands and more relevant ad experiences for consumers. We believe that advertising on the internet is about giving users control. We invite them to engage with the advertisers content on their terms. This philosophy to advertising is summed up by our mantra “Nice Works”.


33Across is developing breakthrough technology that helps social media companies increase their revenue, by unlocking hidden data from social interactions.

Wellgood LLC

WellGood LLC is a fast-growing consulting and marketing firm providing strategic planning, sponsorship, web implementation, and marketing services to help nonprofits fulfill their missions. Its executive team has extensive experience at such organizations as Wolfensohn, Arquitectonica, McKinsey and IBM.

Our current focus is on a new donation portal,, which uses the basic principles of modern business to make charitable giving transparent, efficient and social. It will change not just how money is raised, but also how nonprofits fit into people’s lives. The goal is to make giving something that happens not just as a transaction, but as a way of expressing and sharing one’s own values and interests with others.