Wanted: World Class Entrepreneurs!

Rose Tech Ventures is an early stage investment fund dedicated to finding, nurturing and launching the next generation of world class ventures. If you have the integrity, passion, vision, experience, domain expertise and leadership skills to create an enterprise that can potentially change the world, we’d love to hear from you!

Hi! I’m David S. Rose, an Inc. 500 CEO, serial entrepreneur and so-called ‘super angel’ investor. As the founder and Chairman Emeritus of New York Angels, one of the world’s most active and professional angel investment groups, I have led first round investments in a wide range of exciting, high growth companies. And as the founder and CEO of Gust, I am an entrepreneur myself, working to help shape the future of early stage finance by empowering both entrepreneurs and angel investors to collaborate in creating the companies of the future.

Among my other activities are Singularity University, the post-graduate program in Silicon Valley sponsored by NASA, Google and other leading organizations focused on the future. I am an Associate Founder of Singularity U and created and chair its program in Finance, Entrepreneurship and Economics. I am also co-founder of AREA, a real estate technology accelerator program in New York City.

A few years ago I had a lot fun filming Second Chance, an Internet reality series for the Sprint-sponsored ‘Business On Main’ web site on MSN.com. It’s six episodes of fun and interesting interplay between four aspiring entrepreneurs and five angel investor mentors. Check out the trailer!

The rest of this site will tell you a little bit about Rose Tech Ventures, our early stage seed fund, and provide ways to contact the right people for the right reasons. Specifically, if you would like me to consider investing in your venture, please do the following:

(1) If you are not one of the 500,000+ entrepreneurs who already have an investor relations web site through Gust, please go to Gust.com and create one now. It costs nothing, is accepted by virtually every serious investor (and required by most angel groups), and will help you organize your pitch.

(2) Once you’re ready with your Gust site, go ahead and share it with me at david at gust dot com. I will then review it, and try to give you a response relatively quickly.

For getting in touch with me about anything else, please check out the sidebar to the right, as well as the other pages on this site. Welcome!