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Whose PPT is it Anyway?

In the successful American TV show Whose Line is it Anyway?, professional improvisation comics are asked to act out a scene while members of the audience throw out changing characters and situations in real time. While most people hate to speak or present in public under the best of circumstances, what do you think would happen if instead of improv experts, the participants were venture capitalists, and if instead of characters and situations, the challenge was to passionately ‘sell’ a PowerPoint venture pitch presentation that they had never seen before? These results from Michael Eisenberg (Benchmark Capital) and Shai Tsur and Illi Edry (Giza Venture Capital and JVP respectively), brave (or foolhardy?) attendees at TWS08, the leading Israeli startup pitch competition, should give you a new appreciation both for venture capitalists, and for the difficulties in doing good pitches!

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